About me and my co-contributor

I have always been a traveller and I have had the privilege to visit +60 countries (and counting).

My takeaway from my journeys outside of Canada is that a) most people are proud of their homes, family, food and way of life; b) most people are kind and they want you to have a positive experience; and c) being Canadian can often be a helpful advantage, especially when you are traveling in sensitive areas (I hope we can retain the image of being good ambassadors).

My wanderings have also made me appreciate the special connection that we have to our food and why certain dishes “make us happy”. I am always reseaching into what recipes satisfy my cravings. Will it be a new take on chicken satays or do I want to delve into more vegetarian-based cuisines?

“Dreaming of Dinner” comes from this frame of mind and I am always thinking about my next meal, especially around the 6.00pm mark (I have always been an early riser and my dinner time reflects my urge to eat at that time).

I also love to hike in British Columbia, especially in my new location on Vancouver Island. Being in the forest or looking out at the Pacific Ocean is inspiring. My trusty companion, a female white lab named Tezzi, is always on my excursions to see a new waterfall, river, mud puddle, mossy forest or stinky salmon carcus (such is the ambrosia for most labs).

Being a lab, she loves to eat and I am often trying new (hopefully low fat and definitely homemade) treats for her to enjoy after our trampings on the local trails.

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